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Who are we?

The New York City Home Educators Alliance (NYCHEA) is a non-profit, secular organization created to connect homeschooling families in and around the New York City area.


Our Mission

The New York City Home Educators Alliance is a secular organization. 

We exist to:

  • Support and inform families who choose home education.

  • Inform the general public about home education.

  • Protect the right to home education.

  • Provide social occasions and group educational experiences for member families.

Who are our members?

NYCHEA is the largest homeschooling group in the city. Our 400+ members hail from every borough and beyond. Some of our families are just starting with young children, some recently transitioned older kids from traditional school, and others have kids in high school or college and beyond. We welcome former homeschoolers (now adults) to remain a part of our community to mentor and provide classes to current homeschoolers.

Join our amazing and supportive community!

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