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NYCHEA welcomes homeschooling families from the New York City area and beyond!


  • To join you must be, or intend to be, or in some cases, have been a homeschooling family with children 0-18.

  • NYCHEA Family Membership dues are $42/year from your date of joining. If needed, we can work with you to set up a flexible payment plan.


  • A teenager who is a member of a family with a NYCHEA Family Membership, can join for free and have access to the NYCHEA Teen Forum and the Teen Discord Server.

Contact us:

  • NYCHEA Family Membership

    Every year
    NYCHEA Family Membership
    • Access to safe, online community
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Monthly member-exclusive events
    • Free member meetings throughout the academic year
    • Information about classes and activities
    • General homeschooling support from fellow members
    • Opportunities to meet and network with homeschoolers in NY!
  • Teen Membership

    Free to teens of paid Family Membership holders
    Valid for one year
    • Meet new friends
    • Access to Teen Forums
    • Access to teen/pre-teen Discord server
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