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No-show Policy

NYCHEA "No Show" Member Policy This policy pertains to ALL events, classes or trips that have been fully or partially funded by NYCHEA. This also includes all Monthly Member Meetings. "Event/s" is defined as any NYCHEA funded activity and includes trips, classes, tours, events that have grant funding or general funding, and ALL monthly member meetings. "No Show" is defined as not attending any of the above events without warning (no calls, no texts, no emails, no communication sent to the organizer). It is also defined as canceling with less than 72 hours notice for any reason other than illness or emergency, or stopping attending a class series with no warning or reason. It is your responsibility as the participant to double check the time, date and location of the event. "No Show" due to distance (not including unforseen events) or due to forgetting the time/date are not acceptable reasons for absence. Consequences of No-shows: First No-show: the organizer will notify the NYCHEA council and you may receive a one-time warning. Second No-show: If you "No Show" for another event within the NYCHEA calendar year, you will be banned from all NYCHEA funded events for the remainder of the year. NYCHEA admin maintains a database and all Event organizers are required to report attendance in order to get funding for all current and future events.


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